• Jennifer Daily

Striving for Mediocrity

Adults are so stressed out right now... and let's be honest, we were really stressed out before there was a global pandemic. Today we talk a little about the demands and expectations put on us as adults. We have unfair and inappropriate work expectations, social media that allows us to compare ourselves to branded and curated versions of others, hyper-polarized attitudes and thinking, impossible societal expectations, economic anxiety, and that's before we add in a global pandemic.

We all need to step back, ground ourselves in reality, and remember that no one wakes up saying we are going to be the worst person ever. Society is telling us that we are supposed to be great at everything. But the truth is we all do well- when we can. It's ok for our kids to be watching screens, it's ok to zone out on your phone a little, and it's ok to not be grateful about every single thing in your life. We can't be good at all the things all the time. Remember, you are a human being, and none of us can be really good at everything that's required of us right now. So what's adequate? Find your "good enough" for both you and your family.

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