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Parenting During a Pandemic

Everyone is feeling a little bit of extra stress these days. How much of this stress is coming from "shoulds" or "woulds" or "coulds" that aren't actually a good fit for your family?

It's ok if emergency "homeschool" isn't happening today. Our kids are going to do the things they are interested in, and learn about the things they want to pursue. We can work to find a balance on things like screen-time rules now that lots of learning and socializing happens on a screen too. Your kids' teachers know how to re-engage kids over a long break! They do this every year after winter break, after summer break, even after long weekends. We can trust our kids' teachers to be able to assess what their students need, and get them "caught up" once we can safely be in the classroom again.

Let go of the expectation that you should have a strict homeschooling schedule if you don't feel that is serving you or your family. Figure out what the expectations are for your family (or Quaran-team). Here are some suggested expectations:

  • Determine a predictable wake-up time (so that everyone has a predictable sleep schedule)- and know it can be later than you are used to!

  • Make an expectation for everyone to work on one project of their choice over the day- maybe it's an art or craft that you are learning, or a subject you want to find more about. Pursuing personal interests is important!

  • It's important to move your body every day. Take a long walk if you can, or check out youtube for exercises you can do in the house, or have a dance party...

Right now, we need to focus on what we are getting out of this situation that we might not have been able to do otherwise. Are we trying new things? Or maybe we have more time to do things we enjoy? Are we connecting with family that we don't normally see over the internet? Whatever worked (and whatever didn't work) for your family before, it will all be magnified now. Get curious about what works for you and your kids, and seek engagement without judgement.

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