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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Science time! I LOVE science!

Today we're going to talk about some basic brain science.

There are 3 basic parts of our brain that "help" us feel stressed or worried.

1- The Amygdala!

About the size of an almond, located in the back.

Has one job. Decides "DANGER!" or "no danger".

2- The Limbic System!

(not a band, but would make a great band name)

Like a warm blanket that lays on top of our brain.

It's job is to control all the physical feelings and sensations in our WHOLE body. Remember- every emotion has physical sensations attached! 3- The Neocortex.

Right up front in the brain (by the forehead).

This is where the thoughts and language and reasoning come from.

We do a fun experiment in this video where I trick your amygdala (but just in case you don't think it's fun, I give you a warning first so you can skip it), and then we talk a little about how some of our worries and stress right now are very real, but we can potentially remove some of the extra stress from our bodies so that we don't release that energy on our families and friends.

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