• Jennifer Daily

Managing Bedtime Worries

There are a lot of really big problems in the world today. So many of us are worried about so many problems, and they are weighing very heavy on our hearts and minds. We have to remember that it's actually wonderful to have this much compassion and worry and care about others. It's important that we keep our hearts open and aware of everything that is going on in our community.

But this can sometimes make it a bit hard to get to sleep at night, can't it?

One of the things we can use is "constructive worry technique". Talk to your grown-ups about all of the things that you are worried about. Have them help you make a list with two columns. One column is the "problems" column. Put all your worries in the problems column. Our other column is the "solutions" column. So, for each problem, think of something that you can do that might help be a solution to that problem. Some problems are too big for one person to solve, but we can all take small steps that will add up to a BIG solution!

Another thing we can do is count backwards with our breath. There is a demonstration of how to do that in this video:

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