• Jennifer Daily

Growth Mindset and Anti Racism

Today we continue talking about working in an anti-racist manner. Being anti-racist means that we are actively working to undo racism in our community.

One of the things we can use to fight racism is to work on having a growth mindset. Sometimes, we feel afraid to make mistakes. Maybe something is really complicated, and we get frustrated or overwhelmed because it's hard to understand. That can make us have a fixed mindset. Good news- there are three things that we can remind ourselves of every day that will help us move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset!

  • I can get smarter.

  • Learning is my goal.

  • Effort makes me stronger.

If you can keep telling your brain these three things, you will spend more time and work harder on things, and you will achieve more. What does this have to do with being anti-racist? If we use our growth mindset, we know that it's ok if we don't know an answer, or if someone has a criticism for us in our work, because we can learn more about being anti-racist ally, and once we learn more, we can make an even better effort!

Looking for ways that you can learn more, get smarter, and put in more effort right now? Check out these links to get started:

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