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4 Steps for Success: Back to School

Friends, we are about to face a really big challenge... and there's just no good way to do it. It's Back to School time... in a pandemic.

Some of you are going back in person, some will go back to virtual learning, some will go back to a hybrid model, and although there's pros and cons to each of them, none of them are a perfect solution.

So, how can we make this school year as successful as possible, given the circumstances?

  1. Set expectations and define them. How are we going to know it was a good day? Our old definitions of success won't apply this year.

  2. Validate and Acknowledge. There is nothing that is easy when we are living through a pandemic. We don't have to reframe everything in a positive light. It's ok to say that something is hard.

  3. Create a new ritual. Find a routine that you and your family can stick to, regardless of how many times the school plans change. Maybe have a dance party at the end of virtual school- make it something to look forward to.

  4. Most importantly- Parents, find some way to have alone time BY YOURSELF. You have been working from home and surrounded by people for six months now, which is an intense amount of time to be with people. Figure out a way that you can have some time to recharge your batteries without interruption.

If you feel like you need more help, you can check out the coaching section of my website, then contact me to talk about setting up an Action Plan for your family.

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