Managing a Hectic Life

Stop running errands!

Parents ask me all the time “How do I get everything done?” “How to I balance work and family, while still running my household?”

I tell each parent the same thing. There are 168 hours in every week. No more, no less. Where you spend your energy determines your quality of life.

There are just 3 things a parent should be spending their energy on:

  • Their own health and well being

  • Their families health and well being

  • Creating family memories that promote intimacy and closeness

Stop doing EVERYTHING else! Seriously. Stop running errands, grabbing stuff at the store on your way home, and for goodness sake quit doing laborious chores around the house!

When parents are overwhelmed, feeling burnt out, and unsatisfied, the VERY FIRST thing I have them to take on is Automating, Delegating, and Systematizing.

It’s essential for busy, working parents, to have a clear plan of action, and this is how you develop your own.

Ask yourself these questions:

What can I automate? Bills? Carpool? Diaper Delivery?

What Can I Systematize? Specifics types of meals each day of the week? Make extra dinner for lunches the next day? Only go to the store once per week?

What can I delegate? Can I send the laundry out? Outsource landscaping or housekeeping?

It is absolutely insane to keep running errands, make last minute meal plans. I do hear the complaint of “I don’t have the money” Well…what is your time worth? How much time are you spending on these things? 2 hours 3 hours 10 hours a week? Is it worth your hourly rate? If not, GET RID OF IT.

This is the first step to creating a fantastic family plan where you get time for yourself, for your partner, and for your kids, without feeling crazed or unfulfilled all the time.



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