You don’t need to have a family member with a diagnosed mental health condition to want things to be better or different. Jen can work with you to find science based solutions to your family challenges. Coaching helps elevate your experience of being a parent, and unlock the potential in your family relationships. Jen works both one-on-one and in group settings to empower you as a parent, and create the strategies you need to support your kid. 


Jen’s coaching can assist with things like reducing tantrums and meltdowns, developing better relationships and open communication with your teenager, or supporting your children through big changes. Jen’s coaching sessions can also assist in answering questions you may have about your child’s behavior or development.


Jen can help you build a bridge to understand and help your child process emotions, changes, and challenges related to:

  • Current Events

  • Family or Home Issues

  • Changes in Routines

  • Discovery of Sexual Orientation

  • Juggling Responsibilities (like school work, or chores)

  • Relationships with peers


Ruthie wants you to know that with patience and support, you can do anything!

Parenting is the most competitive sport in America. Coaching sessions can help release you from that competitive world, and let go of any shame or comparison that may be standing in the way of your goals for your family. Jen believes that every child, and every grown-up, already has the things they need for success within them. Coaching can help unlock the potential inside yourself and your children to develop a plan for success for your family. 


Jen’s coaching sessions are currently happening over the phone or using video chat. Because coaching is not the treatment of a mental illness, coaching is not covered by insurance companies.

How do coaching sessions work?

Challenge Strategy Action.png

Once you have scheduled your first coaching session with Jen, she will send you a questionaire  to fill out in advance of your first meeting. Please take your time thoughtfully filling out the worksheet, and be as detailed as possible. It will help both you and Jen understand where you are coming from, what questions or concerns you have for your family, and what you are looking to get out of your coaching sessions.

Where therapy involves sitting with emotions and past trauma, coaching is about looking at the now, and moving forward. All of Jen’s coaching sessions are structured around action items. Together, you and Jen will look at the challenge you are dealing with in the present, discuss the outcome you want, then assess strategies and create a plan to get there- this is what she calls “future forward parenting”. Further coaching sessions will check in with the challenge and the action plan, look at how those strategies and plans are working, and make adjustments as necessary to reach your goals.

I don't have the answers. I have the tools to help you unlock your potential as a parent. I'm no guru, I have no magic beans. In coaching, we get right to the heart of the matter, and uncover what is unmistakingly you, what really works about you, and the techniques and strategies to bring what's great about you to the forefront of your parenting.

-Jennifer Daily, LICSW

Parents' Discovery Call - $100

Jen coaches to your goals. These calls allow you to get to the heart of your concern, and work with Jen to create an action plan so that you can best to allow you the room you need to help your child learn and grow.