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Help kids understand the science behind feelings! This book takes them on a lively tour of the brain to see where anger, anxiety, sadness, and joy start, and offering activities for calming emotions. 

Where do feelings come from? Are they magic? No, they're science! There is a reason our tummies feel funny when we are worried, and why we want to stomp and clench our fists when we feel mad. With endearing illustrations, the parts of the brain come alive as friendly characters who explain how emotions like happy, sad, mad, worried, and overwhelmed are created in the body. Along with clear explanations about the origins of feelings, author and clinical social worker Jen Daily provides creative coping skills and activities (playfully called emotion potions) that help build a child's ability to reflect, cope, calm anxious thoughts, and welcome greater joy. From dancing to storytelling and meditation, the coping skills are accessible and effective for a wide range of social-emotional needs and learning styles. 

Clinical leadership at the intersection of the evidence base and innovation.

Jen is a clinical social worker currently serving as Director of Counseling at a school in Western Massachusetts. Jen has authored numerous group therapy curriculum, designed professional development trainings for educators, and is the author of "The Magical Science of Feelings."

Jen is a sought-after speaker, who teaches teachers about the science of emotions and effective school-based interventions.  She’s been featured in print and digital media and is a child development expert for news outlets including The Berkshire Eagle.  Jen believes that all children are whole, complete, and perfect, exactly the way they are, and exactly the way they aren't. Every person deserves to experience themselves this way, where they are deeply loved, truly inspired, and fully self-expressed. 

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  • The Magical Science of Feelings!

  • Fabulous Friendship: An assembly for children on creating an inclusive community for LGBTQIA children (as well as paired professional development for teachers ahead of the assembly)


  • Emotional Intelligence and Resiliency Skills for Faculty

  • Parenting In The Age of Anxiety: Raising Resilient Kids

  • Neurobiology of Trauma

  • The Trauma Sensitive Teacher: A Practical Approach

  • Anxiety In The Classroom: What you need to know and what you can do

  • ADHD and Executive Functioning

Featured Speaker

  • NYU Silver School of Social Work Summer Series: Sanctuary in Schools

  • Riggs-Yale Conference on Developmental Psychopathology, Family Process, and Social Context

  • The Red Elephant Herd

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